12 Truths To Rapid Weight Loss

 Today I want to make a post about nutrition. Please take the time to read thru all the points if you want to see MAX RESULTS - as I've mentioned before, nutrition is 80% of the equation so this is important.

1) Most of your calories should be consumed during the day. Don't skip meals and snacks. If you do, your body will want to consume all the calories at night. This is not good as you're getting ready to wind down and go to sleep. Your body will not burn off those calories.

2) Carbs are not your enemy but necessary for energy. There is good carbs and bad carbs. An excessive amount of grains though will not help with weight loss. Some of you have gone paleo and others, like me, incorporate some grains. If you do incorporate it, make sure it's portion controlled and whole grains, not processed white stuff. Fruits (as long as it's eaten in its whole) and Veggies will NOT add to your waistline. These are good carbs, and necessary. Your meals should have a good balance between good carbs and protein. Healthy fat is also good for you, as long as it's portion controlled.

3) Soda is like willingly ingesting poison into your body. It doesn't matter if it's real Coke or Diet Coke. Both are equally bad and offers zero nutritional value. The Diet Coke has 0 calories but it's laden with fake sugar - your body does not know how to process this and will immediately go into fat storage. Don't expect to lose weight with a soda habit.

4) Alcohol is bad too and will slow down results substantially. Your body cannot be an effective fat burning machine with your liver having to process the alcohol. Now, in all fairness, Jennifer did say she enjoys her daily glass of wine in her blog the other day. Jennifer is at her goal weight and has earned the right to incorporate it into her diet. If you're in the process of LOSING WEIGHT, then it has to go too. If you want Max Results.

5) Learn to read labels and the ingredient list when you purchase an item. If you can't pronounce the word in the ingredient list, that's a chemical or a preservative. Your body does not know how to process that, just like the fake sugar in diet Coke. It goes into fat storage.

6) Anything made by man is going to be processed to a certain degree. This includes protein shakes and protein bars. Most of them are not good for you because they put crap in it. REAL AND WHOLE FOODS is what is going to bring you the real results, not man made stuff.

7) Don't fall for marketing gimmicks - If it's says reduced fat or fat free, most likely they've added crap to the item to make up for the lack of taste. Don't buy reduced fat frozen meals from the grocery store.

8) Juice is not good for you. When you take a fruit and extract just the juice from it, you are essentially taking the sugar from the fruit. And ingesting it. It will cause your blood sugar levels to spike and crash, and you'll want more sugar. Eat the fruit in its whole! A lot of damage can be done by ingesting liquid calories that have no nutritional value! Stick to water and only water. Smoothies are okay.

9) Calories are not your enemy as long as they are good calories. Undereating doesn't help. Not all calories are created equal. Overeating is bad too. your body doesn't need the same number of calories day to day. It depends on your level of activity. Don't be stuck to a strict caloric number!

10) Recognize when you are using food for emotional reasons. You associate good times and bad times with food. I know I'm guilty of it too. It's not the best mindset to have though if you're trying to drop weight - Food has to be viewed as fuel, but it also has to be good tasting - otherwise it won't last long term. Find ways to make your meals more interesting - I like fresh herbs and condiments like salsa and hot sauce.

11) You're negating all your efforts at the gym if you are not taking out the time to fix your eating habits. Sure, you'll get stronger by working out, but you won't drop the weight. It's easy to get to the gym and have a Coach work you out. What's hard is what you're doing outside the gym when no one is watching.

12) Nothing extreme lasts in the long run. Forget about fad diets, they will only jack up your metabolism and with each fad diet, it gets worse and will be harder to drop the weight. Treat your body with kindness and respect, don't abuse it!

There you have it. I sure hope this helps. I know how difficult it is to eat right, trust me, it took me years to get it down. Old habits die hard. But it's possible to change. Start taking these steps and it will help speed up results. Have a great rest of the day everyone!

Jasmine Choksi
John's Gym Co-Owner

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