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It’s our 4yr Anniversary today, and we want to say a BIG THANK YOU!!


and I want to share a quick story with you.


At 30yrs old I was a sloppy 270lbs (see pictures), newly divorced, had a house, had a car, and had 2 gym memberships…


I used to go to Planet Fitness because how can you beat $10/month or $19 for “VIP”, I also had a 24hr membership for the basketball court that reminded me of the time I played in college, but then I couldn’t keep up with a full court game without getting severely winded.


I had just canceled my Anytime fitness membership because I realized I wasn’t really motivated to work out at midnight or any of the other 24 hrs it seemed.


All these gyms and zero results.


Then I found a place where the focus wasn’t on the superficial “lose weight” but rather living a healthy lifestyle and learning something new while having fun.


In my 1st year I dropped 65lbs and haven’t looked back since.


There really is no secret, there is no pill, there is no 30 days, or 27 days, or 14 days or whatever…to change


It’s a lifestyle.


The lifestyle created John’s Gym so that I could share my story and motivate others that may feel stuck in life.


As Jasmine says to all her PT clients, “you won’t stick to something if it’s full of extremes.”


And she’s right.


When you’re having fun doing Cardio Boxing, Cardio Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, or Strength class the time fly’s by because you’re having fun.


And everyday you come to the gym you instantly, and just like that, become a little better version of yourself.


And that’s a win!


For those over 30 yrs old, it’s rare we can find something in our lives, physically, were we can feel a WIN.


Kids, finances, job, spouse…takes up our time, takes up our motivation sometimes.


John’s Gym was created so that you can feel accomplished again, you can WIN again.


You can become a better more healthy version of yourself while having fun and meeting like minded people.


You’ve already done the tough part…


As a member of John’s Gym, you’ve left the herd.


You’ve found a small unique gym that keeps exercise fun.


Fun and exercise in the same sentence, can you believe it??


Continue living the healthy lifestyle, don’t quit on yourself, we’re here to help you out.


You deserve a major WIN!


Happy 4yr Anniversary




P.S. can you BELIEVE the guy in this picture (me) now owns a gym…craziness!!

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