6yr Anniversary!

6yr ANNIVERSARY of John’s Gym

As we celebrate the 6th YEAR ANNIVERSARY of John’s Gym it’s amazing to see the community we’ve built together around fitness.

It’s the common attitude, interests, and goals that brought us together and continue to strengthen our bond.

Having signed up thousands of members to our gym, it’s not hard to spot the common thread we all share: The Desire for Something Different!

To break free from the stereotypes of what it means to be healthy and fit.

Many of us have, at one time, had memberships to the big chain gyms, and it just wasn’t doing it for us.

John’s Gym was created after years of frustration joining big box gyms only to cancel my membership basically looking the same as when I joined.

It wasn’t until I found a gym like ours that I started seeing real results: dropping 65 lbs in a year, developing a better self esteem, and a happier outlook on life.

It was that major transformation I saw in myself that made me want to drop everything and give others that same opportunity.

Now it’s YOU who inspire me. Here are just a few of the amazing transformations throughout the years...

  • Emily R. dropping 50lbs and walking into John’s Gym a meek lady only to blossom into a badass lady who has fought 2 MMA fights.

  • Marcus who dropped almost 60lbs and became a true inspiration to everyone at the gym and his coworkers

  • Joseph who came in as a meek young man only to find his passion in Muay Thai kickboxing. He leads by example by staying 1-2 hours after class working on his craft on the heavy bags. He also put on a stellar performance in his first Muay Thai event

  • Paula who dropped 50lbs in our cardio boxing/cardio kickboxing class, who always walked into the gym with a huge smile and an infectious positive outlook on life.

  • Paul who dropped 30lbs after divorce, changing his life around and giving him that outlet he needed and the confidence he had lost. Now he is happily remarried.

  • Chase and Emily who both fought on the same Amateur MMA event - Emily winning by TKO and Chase by submission. It was an amazing experience to witness all the people that came out to support them and the love they received.

  • Nate and Z who train Jiu Jitsu together as husband and wife and competed together in their first Jiu Jitsu tournament. The bond that created in them can still be seen today...BTW they had 4 John’s Gym members in their wedding. Nate now teaches our Fundamentals Jiu Jitsu class.

  • Lucy who came in already athletic with some previous training experience at traditional lifting gyms who has taken her physique to the next level and has been training MMA to potentially have her first amateur bout

  • Lindsay who competed in a kettlebell competition SMASHING the competition while PREGNANT

  • The countless medals our Jiu Jitsu kids team has won in every tournament they enter and the beaming joy they feel in attaining their goals.

  • Kevin who lost 10% body fat improved all of his health vital signs after just a few months of doing our cardio kickboxing and cardio boxing classes

  • Matt who dropped 30lbs between Muay Thai and our Strength training class and looks completely different with a renewed confidence. I gave him a new John’s Gym tshirt b/c all his shirts were extremely loose and baggy on him

  • Martin who is in his 50’s and religiously comes to our Saturday Jiu Jitsu class and earned his blue belt, and trains with everybody

  • Jarrell, a long time boxing member, who comes in an hour early before his class to get additional conditioning in because of the motivation and goals Coach Rob gave him in order to get to his ideal fighting weight, he's also dropped about 30lbs.

  • Jasmine, mother of two, who has traveled the world competing in Jiu Jitsu tournaments and took the Bronze at this year’s World Championships.

  • Sychev’s, here’s a family of FIVE, who all come and train together. Their 3 kids are an inspiration. Michael and Katherine have both competed in kettlebell championships, and now all 3 kids are training towards their first Jiu Jitsu tournament together.

  • And many many more...

John’s Gym is MUCH more than a place to lose weight though…

Truth is, losing weight is a given when you’re training consistently here.

But the surprise BONUS is the confidence that grows within yourself and how much better you feel!

It’s the compliments you receive from your significant other or from your coworkers such as “Wow, you look great, what have you been doing?”

That, on top of finding something that is actually fun to do that keeps you in shape, is really the Holy Grail.

The last 6 years have been an amazing journey and I wouldn’t want to spend it anywhere else.

Thank you for giving Jasmine and I the opportunity to serve you, we look forward to many more transformations and stories throughout the coming years.

John and Jasmine

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