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I NEVER thought I’d show that picture, but here it is:

what you call the so-called “before and after picture”.

It’s embarassing to show the world, but hopefully it serves

as a motivation to all new mothers that yes, it’s possible

to get back to your old and even BETTER version of


In the before picture, I was 25, holding my son

whom I gave birth to 13 months after I had my daughter.

In the second picture, I am 37, and it’s hard to believe

that 35 extra pounds can make someone look so markedly


After having a baby, the changes you see to your

body are quite shocking.

For me personally it was downright depressing; most

of my clothes in my closet did not fit. It’s a rude awakening,

and I quickly came to a realize that I did this to myself.

I didn’t exercise during either of my pregnancies and I

didn’t care to exercise before I had the kids either.

Depression hit pretty hard.

It affected who I was on the inside; I found myself more withdrawn

and unable to really be “myself”. Either stay depressed or

do something about it were my options.

I told myself “you need to commit to one year at the gym, promise yourself that.”

I started off with yoga classes to at least get my body moving,

and then started doing tougher classes such as “Body Pump”

which introduced me to weight training at 24 Hour Fitness.

During that time, I discovered cardio kickboxing at Boxing

Brothers, which is John’s Gym now. Cardio kickboxing gave

me a europhic feeling that quickly took the weight off of me.

I truly felt amazing.

I thought wow, this is possible, and Irealized it was possible

because I was doing something fun and it made me want to

keep coming back to the gym!

Losing weight inspired me to become a personal trainer.

I thought “if I can do it, so can others, and I can certainly

share what I learned with other people and help them as


I pursued this dream in 2008 and still continue to do

it today. I know even when I’m having a rough day, seeing

results in my clients, and seeing them happy and more

confident makes me happy. I truly love what I do.

Boxing Brothers shut down and the gym stayed vacant for

two years. Then John reopened the gym in 2010 and I resumed

cardio kickboxing again.

After much convincing John introduced me to Brazilian

Jiu Jitsu during the time I was getting divorced, a very sad

time in my life.

It definitely changed my life, gave me a purpose,

and opened doors for me. My quality of friends improved and

I’ve been blessed to compete in amazing places such

as Rome, Paris, Seattle, Boca Raton, and various places

around Texas.

John’s Gym changed my life SO MUCH, that

I offered to purchase half the gym in 2013. I knew I had to

be a part of a gym that completely turned my life around for

the better.

Even when I’m having a horrible day, I always

leave the gym with a smile because of all the MEMBERS


We are just a community of like minded people who come

together and help and support each other through fitness.

John and I are proud to say we signed another 5 years lease.





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