12 Truths To Rapid Weight Loss

12 Truths To Rapid Weight Loss Today I want to make a post about nutrition. Please take the time to read thru all the points if you want to see MAX RESULTS – as I’ve mentioned before, nutrition is 80% of the equation so this is important.1) Most of your calories should be consumed during the […]

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5 Factors That Go Into Losing Weight/Getting Fit

5 Factors That Go Into Losing Weight/Getting FitOften times, people are under the impression that if they change one thing it will help them see results, and it may, for the short term, but the reality is that a lot of things have to be working ‘in sync’ to see results. Bear with me if […]

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John’s Gym conquers Austin…is North Korea next?

NAGA Austin Results are in and John’s Gym Jiu Jitsu Association including Austin, Temple, and Georgetown won 1st Place Overall Team Award. Congratulations and Great Job Team.This is just the beginning!Want to join a community of positive people all improving their life through Martial Arts and see how it can change your life? Visit these […]

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John’s Gym Jiu Jitsu Affiliation 2017 NAGA Austin Results

John’s Gym Jiu Jitsu Affiliation had a great showing at the 2017 NAGA Austin. This was our biggest showing yet from our 3 locations John’s Gym Austin, John’s Gym Temple, and Georgetown Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and we’re just getting started.We had Several NAGA Belt Winners and Several Double Gold Winners (Gi and NoGi). Come Join the Best […]

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6yr ANNIVERSARY of John’s Gym

​As we celebrate the 6th YEAR ANNIVERSARY of John’s Gym it’s amazing to see the community we’ve built together around fitness.It’s the common attitude, interests, and goals that brought us together and continue to strengthen our bond.Having signed up thousands of members to our gym, it’s not hard to spot the common thread we all […]

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