CenTex Muay Thai Coalition Formed - What is it?

CenTex Muay Thai Coalition Formed – What is it?

This past Sunday a group of central Austin Gyms who have Muay Thai programs came together to form the Centex Muay Thai Coalition inorder to support each other in spreading the benefits of Muay Thai, and support each other in sparring events.

All central Texas Muay Thai gyms are welcome to join the group, and we hope every program in central Texas joins in an effort to support each other. 

One of the more exciting things that came out of the first meeting was the formation of organized sparring events on a consistent basis in our local area.

These smokers/sparring events will help to not only raise awareness of Muay Thai but more importantly develop the awesome local talent we have.

A new location will be selected for each sparring night so we can help support the gyms that have committed to growing this Martial Art. 

John's Gym is honored to be the gym chosen to host the inaugural event in late Februrary/early April 2017 - stay tuned by liking our Facebook Page .

For John's Gym members, If you're interested in participating in the CenTex Muay Thai sparring night, get with Ernesto and let him know your intentions. These events are meant to be a fun time for all of us to get together and put Muay Thai on display. 

Hope to see many of you at the first event. Dates will be announced soon.


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