Centex Muay Thai Sparring Night at John's Gym

Centex Muay Thai Sparring Night at John’s Gym

John's Gym is excited to host the first of many Muay Thai sparring nights in Central Texas on March 4th at 6pm.

Centex Muay Thai Sparring Night is an effort by Austin Muay Thai Gym and Central Texas Muay Thai Gyms to come together for the advancement and promotion of the growing martial art of Muay Thai in Texas.

The list of participants are being put together right now. If you'd like to participate please have your Coach call/TXT 512-905-9966 and we can put you on the list. 

Mark it on your calendar, March 4th at 6pm, and be sure to come and support Muay Thai in Austin and Central Texas. 

See event flyer to share; as well as, the event details and rules below.

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