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Welcome to NW Austin / Cedar Park's ONLY Boxing Gym that offers Professional Boxing Technique, Private Boxing Lessons, as well as Sparring, in a full size boxing ring. Whether you simply want to learn the sweat science of boxing for a fun workout our you'd like to compete, we can help you at John's Gym. We are a family friendly boxing gym with a strict no meat head policy. Our boxing classes and sparring nights are fun and safe, and allow you to grow at your own pace.

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What Will You Learn In Boxing Class?

First off we have a very non-intimidating atmosphere and boxing classes are for all levels. Whether you're a total newbie or an experienced boxer, you'll have fun and learn something new every class. Unlike other boxing gyms in Austin or Cedar Park, we have a systematized curriculum for you to learn and see yourself grow within. Everyone that starts new, starts at our Level 1 where you learn the fundamentals of using your hands and the different types of efficient punches you can throw; in addition, you'll learn about footwork and balance while throwing your punches, as well as some boxing conditioning to prepare you for the next levels. We have 5 Levels you progress through during your time in the John's Gym Boxing Classes each level brings new challenges and opportunities to learn proper technique and form to eventually, and only if you'd like, step into the ring and spar or compete.

Joshua Cuttright

This place is great - enough said. Classes are amazing, staff is friendly and encouraging, clean facility. The trainers, as well as your other students, are welcoming to all ages and support you in your fitness goals. You gotta do what works for you. You are the biggest factor in whether a workout or a gym will get you the results. I can honestly say I love a variety of sports, but there's never been a workout like the boxing & kickboxing that I absolutely crave. Plus, every student has their own heavy bag in class. No black eyes at work, very little risk of injury...just buckets of sweat each night. You'll love it - do yourself a favor and get into John's for a free class. They'll do the rest.

The major differences between John's Gym Boxing Classes and other boxing gyms in Austin and Cedar Park area

  • "Boxing Gym" that doesn't actually offer boxing technique classes but only cardio boxing
  • No Curriculum for advancement, more of a free-for-all atmosphere where instructors teach what they feel like
  • No Sparring
  • No room for advancement into competition and not a certified boxing program
  • Boxing class is treated as an afterthought with no real investment in the students
  • Part time instructors with no boxing experience teaching incorrect technique
  • Corporate gyms with corporate rules and corporate feel that try and lock you into long term contracts
  • Gladiator Gym where only the strong survive
  • We offer Pro Boxing Technique lessons with sparring night and cardio boxing for conditioning.
  • ​New to Boxing? We have Level 1 Pro Boxing Fundamentals for you to feel comfortable and safe learning the "sweet science". We also have Level 2 and Sparring nights for when you want to continue your Boxing advancement. 
  • Our boxing lessons have a curriculum and levels of advancement so that you can stay safe and aren't put into situations that your level may not be ready for yet.
  • Dedicated sparring night as well as open ring for you to use whenever you'd like, as long as a class isn't using the ring.
  • We are a USA Boxing Certified program which means if you want to compete you are eligible under the USA boxing rules.
  • We have 8 boxing classes weekly including sparring night to choose from so we are very dedicated to your success
  • Full time instructors and assistants that are here to assist you in your advancement through our boxing levels. Our instructors have participated in boxing matches and so they are speaking from real world experience, not theory or YouTube.
  • Local friendly gym where you'll see the owners working out right next to you or at the gym daily. We have over 200 5 star reviews online.
  • Beginner friendly gym that offers a systematized curriculum to keep you safe an efficiently teach you how to box so that you can start defending yourself right away.
Dillon Garrity

I have been a member at John’s Gym for a year now. In that time it has become a second home to me. The knowledge and experience of the trainers is excellent. The gym is clean, functional, and well equipped. But more important to me is the promotion of constructive growth and acceptance. Individuals who want to learn and develop in their chosen discipline thrive here; while show boaters, and more abusive people that might thrive at other gyms are quickly excluded. This gym and its trainers changed me from an unskilled and inexperienced boxer and helped me to become skilled and confident within the ring. I love this gym and I am grateful to John and Jasmine for the culture of family that they have created here.

New To Boxing? We have GREAT news!

Try our Level 1 - Beginner Fundamentals Boxing Class
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Here's what you can expect from our Boxing Program

  • We are a BEGINNER FRIENDLY Boxing Gym that does not allow any craziness, just a good group of quality people enjoying boxing for fitness and/or competition
  • We are here for people that simply want to use boxing classes to get in shape and learn some technique to those that want to take it to the next level and compete in boxing matches.
  • We have an active sparring night if that is what you'd like to try. It's always safe with the head boxing instructor running the sparring and paring people people up properly.
  • Curriculum so that you can follow through the different levels and feel safe that you are learning at a proper and accurate pace.
  • Stress Relief. Ever wanted to punch something or someone and not get intro trouble? Here you can, and we encourage it 🙂
  • Learn how to properly throw a punch, keep your balance, dodge punches, and counter punches in our boxing classes.
  • Age is not a factor. From kids classes all the way up we have athletes of all levels training and enjoying our boxing classes at their pace.
  • Living a healthier lifestyle as well as mentally, psychically, and emotionally.
  • Meet new like-minded friends who will last a lifetime. One of the major things you'll notice is our friendly vibe from the moment you walk in. No intimidation here, we are a group of people that just enjoy this different way of getting into shape and having fun.
  • We supply the motivation….The #1 reason people get derailed from the “gym” is due to boredom. It can get boring trying to be the best at working out, so try a martial art that will give you the results you’re looking for far more rapidly. Our training sessions are never boring. Heck, you may not want to go home.
  • And Many More...

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