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The 1st thing you're going to feel is our friendly non-intimidating vibe as you walk in. Our Muay Thai Kickboxing class caters to beginners as well as those looking for more advanced training and competition. We've had members compete and win in local Muay Thai tournaments, although most people come for a great workout and to learn the "art of the eight limbs": punching, elbows, kicks, and knees. Muay Thai is the most complete and devastating form of stand-up Martial Art as it incorporates your whole body in striking. Everyone starts learning the fundamentals to keep you safe and help along your progression in a systematic way. We're also the only Muay Thai program that has a dedicated sparring night if you'd like to take your training to the next level and put it into live practice. Our sparring nights are fun and safe and allow you to grow at your own pace as you put the technique into live practice.

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What Is Muay Thai Exactly?

Simply put Muay Thai is the most devastating and effective for of stand-up Martial Art because it incorporates the whole body: Knees, Kicks, Fists, and Elbows as well as clinching your opponent. Every fight starts standing and Muay Thai gives you the tools and strategies to strike however possible. Practiced for over 1000 years, it's Thailand's unofficial national sport.

​Muay Thai was developed as a form of martial art for Siamese soldiers if they lost their weapons in battle. Once Thailand was at peace, Muay Thai became a form of physical exercise, self-defense, and personal advancement. Unlike other Martial Arts gyms that teach traditional Martial Arts like Karate, Taekwondo, or other Korean Martial Arts that focus on forms and base their grading on board breaking or how well you can do a "form", we focus on real practical self defense skills and techniques. Everyone starts at Level 1 learning the foundation of the Muay Thai stance and fundamental striking techniques. From there you move on through the levels learning how to hold pads for your partner, advanced striking tactics and ring generalship, as well as, sparring nights if you'd like. Each level brings new challenges and techniques so you never feel board or feel like you're hitting a plateau.

Abraham Cabral

I really enjoy the Muay Thai class, the environment in the class it's really cool and the instructor Scott knows a lot about this discipline, Johns Gym it's a really good place to workout and in my case it's the perfect gym to learn Muay Thai.

The major differences between John's Gym Muay Thai classes and other Muay Thai classes in the Austin and Cedar Park area

  • "Muay Thai Gym" that doesn't actually offer muay thai technique classes but only cardio kickboxing
  • No Curriculum for advancement, more of a free-for-all atmosphere where instructors teach what they feel like
  • No Sparring
  • No room for advancement into competition
  • Muay Thai class is treated as an afterthought with no real investment in the students
  • Part time instructors with no Muay Thai competition experience teaching incorrect technique
  • Very few classes in the schedule to get any real training
  • Gladiator Gym where only the strong survive
  • We offer Muay Thai Technique classes with sparring night and kickboxing for conditioning as well as strength training for our more serious athletes.
  • Our Muay Thai class has a curriculum and levels of advancement so that you can stay safe and aren't put into situations that your level may not be ready for yet.
  • Dedicated sparring night as well as open ring for you to use whenever you'd like, as long as a class isn't using the ring.
  • We have 7 Muay Thai / Kickboxing classes weekly including sparring night to choose from so we are very dedicated to your success
  • Full time instructors and assistants that are here to assist you in your advancement through our Muay Thai levels. Our instructors have participated in Muay Thai / Kickboxing matches and so they are speaking from real world experience, not theory or YouTube.
  • Local friendly gym where you'll see the owners working out right next to you or at the gym daily. 
  • Beginner friendly gym that offers a systematized curriculum to keep you safe an efficiently teach you how to defend yourself right away.

Daniel Seahorn

I'm only a few months in with the Muay Thai program at the gym, but I've loved every second of it. I'm always looking forward to the next class every time I leave the gym and every instructor is well trained and will push you to get your desired results. My money is well spent at John's Gym and I can't wait to start learning some BJJ!

New To Muay Thai? We have GREAT news!

Try our Level 1 - Beginner Fundamentals Muay Thai Class
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Here's what you can expect from our Muay Thai Classes

  • We are a BEGINNER FRIENDLY Muay Thai Gym that does not allow any craziness, just a good group of quality people enjoying Muay Thai for fitness and/or competition
  • We are here for people that simply want to use Muay Thai classes to get in shape and learn some technique to those that want to take it to the next level and compete in boxing matches.
  • We have an active sparring night if that is what you'd like to try. It's always safe with the head boxing instructor running the sparring and paring people people up properly.
  • Curriculum so that you can follow through the different levels and feel safe that you are learning at a proper and accurate pace.
  • Stress Relief. Ever wanted to punch or kick something or someone and not get intro trouble? Here you can, and we encourage it 🙂
  • 6. Learn how to properly throw a punch and kick as well as knees and elbows, while keeping your balance, dodging strikes, and counter punches and kicking in our muay thai classes.
  • Age is not a factor. From kids classes all the way up we have athletes of all levels training and enjoying our Muay Thai classes at their pace.
  • Living a healthier lifestyle as well as mentally, psychically, and emotionally.
  • Meet new like-minded friends who will last a lifetime. One of the major things you'll notice is our friendly vibe from the moment you walk in. No intimidation here, we are a group of people that just enjoy this different way of getting into shape and having fun.
  • We supply the motivation….The #1 reason people get derailed from the “gym” is due to boredom. It can get boring trying to be the best at working out, so try a martial art that will give you the results you’re looking for far more rapidly. Our training sessions are never boring. Heck, you may not want to go home.
  • And Many More...

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