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Our Strength Training Classes Are Your Answer To CrossFit Without All The CrossFit Stuff

Our strength training program is specifically designed to reignite your inner athlete, but more importantly is what we're not. Our strength training program does not sacrifice form so that you can get some arbitrary number or keep up with the herd. No! Each person is unique so we focus on form and technique to build stronger, leaner, better cardio, and more agile athletes. If you're looking for a fun group to train with to get you fitting better in your clothes, shedding that unwanted belly fat, and building strong long lean muscles than John's Gym Strength Training Class is for you.

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What Results Can You Expect From Our Strength Training Program?

Our Strength Training Program is developed to hit every angle of peak physical fitness. Never boring, never dull, each month the instructor presents a new challenge for us to accomplish. This month may be Power Endurance which means being able to maintain optimal strength while lifting for longer periods of time. How many times have you heard of people getting strong but also losing their cardio because of all the new muscle they put on? It happens all the time. Then the next month we may work on Building Mass where we're really working on building mass and increasing the weight we lift but also doing less rips. Then the following month may be Max Reps program where we are looking for max reps of a lower amount of weight. And so on. Our systematized Strength Training Program has seen our athletes accomplish amazing transformations, for example: one member lost over 50lbs, another lost over 40lbs but also gained muscle mass and looks amazing, others who come in in decent shape increase their power endurance and build long lean muscles so they fit in their clothes better. Whether your goal is to lose that pesky belly fat, lose 10lbs, or you just want to maintain an already good physique in a fun and friendly lifting atmosphere then our Strength Training program is right for you.

Lindsay Madsen

John's Gym is truly a place "where every one knows your name". It's not a big, flashy gym, but it's got everything you need for a solid workout. It's the first gym I've been to that the owners, John and Jasmine, are participating in the classes with you. They honestly care about your success and are always right there cheering you on! I've met some pretty awesome people here that treat me and my kids like family. It's been almost a year now since joining John' Gym and I can honestly say I LOVE training here!

The major differences between John's Gym Strength Training Program and CrossFit Gyms in Austin and Cedar Park area

  • Focus on keeping up rather than technique
  • Unqualified instructors that simply "look the part"
  • No regard for where you start, you jump in with everyone else
  • Cult like atmosphere that forgets the new persons needs
  • Olympic style lifting
  • Part time instructors with no teaching certifications
  • Corporate gyms with corporate rules and corporate feel that try and lock you into long term contracts
  • $150+ per month for an oversize garage gym
  • Major emphasis on Technique to keep you safe
  • Certified instructors with AKA who regularly compete in competitions such as Kettlebell Championships
  • Customized program to your starting fitness level with modifications if needed
  • Systematized and Tracked progresses plan that builds your new body fast, focusing on your specific needs, while keeping you injury free
  • Olympic style lifting mixed in with kettlebells, sand bags, battle ropes, TRX Suspension trainers, Medicine balls
  • Full time instructors and assistants that are here to assist you in your advancement through our strength training levels and work with you after class if needed
  • Local friendly gym where you'll see the owners working out right next to you or at the gym daily.
  • Start Strength Training for Under $100 with personal training sessions available aswell
Nikki Tracy

I have been a member of John's Gym for the last 10 months. 7 of those months I have been working out, (Muay Thai, Cardio Kickboxing, Kickboxing Technique, Cardio Boxing, Fit to the Core) but the last 3 months I have been TRAINING! There is a difference between "working out" and "Training". What's so great is you can do Both at John's Gym! You can get a fantastic work out and you can Train! What kind of training! Kettlebell Sport! Henry V. Marshall is the Coach for Fit To The Core AND he is THE Coach for Iron Tamers and Girya Courage Club! Come learn the art and efficiency of Kettlebell Lifting! Come get stronger! I have lost weight, gained muscle strength and cardio-vascular strength. Henry V. Marshall is a fabulous Trainer and Coach! He assesses wear you are and helps you get where you want to be! I trained with Henry V. Marshall and just competed in my first Kettlebell Lifting Competition! Our whole team Placed and Ranked! Come get Fit and Strong at John's Gym and learn all about Kettlebell Lifting from the Best Kettlebell Coach in Austin

Try A FREE Strength Training Class Today

Come feel the vibe and see if you like the class.
No obligation and we'll have loaner equipment for your first class. 

What Will You Learn In Our Strength Training Program?

  • Proper Lifting technique with a Certified Strength Coach keeping a close eye on you to make sure you have proper form
  • Proper use of Kettlebells, the most efficient tool for power endurance
  • Workout plans you can follow for life that doesn't get boring done for you
  • Unconventional workout tools like Battle Ropes, Steel Club, Bulgarian Bag, Steel Mace, Pro Style Kettlebells
  • ​Which foods and supplements you should be taking for maximum results
  • How to train to stay healthy and injury free
  • What exercises you should stop doing immediately so that you can reach your fitness goals quickly
  • Progress tracking done for you and what progress should really look like for the body type you want to achieve
  • What exercises to stack together to quickly optimize the time you spend in our training program
  • How to warm up properly, perhaps the most important part of your strength training
  • A few things you can do outside of the gym to speed up your progress
  • Joint mobility drills and stretching drills to keep your new muscle limber, lean, and long
  • What exercises will give you the fastest result
  • And Many More...

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