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"Feel Empowered and Build Self Confidence"

Each of us is aware of a woman that has been put into a compromising situation where they felt their safety was at risk. Perhaps we even know of someone that has been attacked by a stranger or even a "loved one". Perhaps that person is you. John's Gym has put together a women's only self defense class to help women of all ages be able to PROPERLY defend themselves. John's Gym is a family fitness and martial arts gym where we offer a wide variety of fitness and martial arts programs, and now we're putting it all together for practical self defense use.

We are proud to offer one of Austin's first complete women's self defense classes in a small group setting - minimum 5 women. Most women's self defense classes focus on defending an attacker while standing, leaving the ground portion completely out of the equation. When attempting to subdue an attacker it is very important to know how to defend standing up, but just as important, if not more importantly, what do to when on the ground.

We've created a starter video series to help you understand and see just some of the things we will be covering in our self defense class. Fill in your info below and I'll send you the 1st of these videos

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John's Gym Women's Only Self Defense class covers both the standup and the ground.

Our Self Defense Class is at 9am on Saturday, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - Minimum 5 people. Call set a specific date 512-787-5340

What can you expect from John's Gym Women's Only Self Defense class? Professionalism, fun, full range of knowledge, sensitivity to the subject, and knowledge to really defend yourself and kick some butt! Our owners, John and Jasmine, will be your instructors for your class. They've both had extensive training in self defense and have a combined 9 years of grappling tournament experience as well as 7 years of self defense education.

How long is the course? Each course is an hour long of private instruction. This is not a "just do this and everything will be fine" self defense class. We're invested in your safety and want to make sure that you are a well rounded self defense expert that can actually defend yourself. You can choose to take 1 course and get a good basic understanding of the threats and defenses you will most commonly face, or continue your training and deepen your understanding of the different predicaments that you can find yourself in and needing self defense.

Can I join the class at anytime? Yes, minimum of 5 people.

Do you have to be a member? You DO NOT have to be a member of John's Gym to take this class.

What is the cost per class? ​Please call to discuss pricing for your group 512-787-5340

What should I wear? Whatever you feel most comfortable working out in. You will sweat, so keep that in mind. We will be standing as well as on the mats.

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