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It’s no surprise that Austin Fit Magazine wanted to do a beginner Kettlebell Lifting article featuring Henry Marshall.


He earned a bachelors of science degree in health promotions (exercise and fitness) from the University of Cincinnati. In addition, Marshall is the Texas representative of the American Kettlebell Alliance, a certified kettlebell coach (Russian Girevoy Sport Federation), and a certified personal trainer (NSCA).

You can find Henry sharing his passion for Kettlebell and Kettlebell sport at the entry level with Fit to the Core and a more advanced level with Iron Tamers. Also, if you’re interested in competing in Kettlebell Lifting John’s Gym and Girya Courage Club has teamed up to encourage athletes to strive for more in their lifting by challenging themselves to new levels through competition.

Here’s the link to the Austin Fit Magazine with Henry Marshall on Beginner Kettlebell Lifting

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