Premier Group Of Coaching Staff

John Ramseier
Co-Owner, Adult & Kids Jiu Jitsu Coach

A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Head Coach Darrin Lillian. He started Jiu Jitsu under 6X Word Champion Robert Drysdale and went all the way to Purple Belt under his tutelage.

In an attempt to find a challenging and different way to exercise, other than going to the gym and simply lifting weights, John discovered BJJ at 30 years old. After his first year training BJJ he went from 270lbs to 205lbs, and competes at that weight.

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Jasmine Choksi
Co-Owner, Personal Trainer & Kids Jiu Jitsu Coach

Jasmine Choksi is co-owner of John's Gym and a certified personal trainer through AFAA and is a weight loss and strength-training specialist. Starting at Gold’s Gym, she now has 8 years of experience as a personal trainer and has worked with a wide variety of people including new moms, adolescents, athletes, obese and senior populations, and people with injuries. Based on your fitness goals, Jasmine will create an individualized and FUN...

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Ernesto Peralez
Head NoGi Jiu Jitsu Coach Head MMA Coach

Ernesto, a native south Texan, moved to Austin to establish a career in architecture after serving his country as a Civil Engineer in the United States Army, where he competed on the Judo and Boxing Team. The discipline of Judo was introduced to him at the young age of 11 by his uncle, the late Conrado Peralez. His uncle was the head instructor of the Judo program at the local community college in his hometown. Ernesto quickly learned the importance of discipline, respect, pressure, ...

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Branden Little
Level 1 Head Muay Thai Instructor

Branden started training in late 2009. Wanting to one day fight MMA, he competed in smokers and tournaments in Oklahoma and around Texas.
As a John's Gym member, prior to becoming a coach, hs Kickboxing record was 2-1.
Branden also has an amateur MMA career 2-2 winning his fights with his striking skills.
After having a baby Branden decided that he wanted to focus his attention on helping the next generation of strikers and MMA competitors by becoming a Coach/Mentor

Manny Medina
Level 1 Head Boxing Technique Instructor

Originally from Michigan, Manny's background has come predominately from team sports. From ages 5-20 he competed in basketball, football, and ran track with little to no off season. Following up his long years as a young adult athlete he made the transition into child and adult team coaching in both basketball and football. After moving to Austin for school in 2012, he caught the bug to get back into the competitive...

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Nate Nelson
Level 1 Jiu Jitsu Coach & Assistant Kids Jiu Jitsu Coach

Nate is from Denver CO where he started his training at Easton Training Center. In 2014 he moved to Austin and became a member of Johns Gym where he would find his Jiu Jitsu home and begin training almost daily and sometimes twice a day. With dedication and a heavy training regimen, Nate earned his blue belt under Darrin and John here at Johns Gym in 2015. He began assisting in coaching kids Jiu Jitsu and loves it. Having 6 years of previous... 

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John Taussig
Kids 5-8yrs old Jiu Jitsu Coach

John Taussig, better known at John's Gym as JT, was born and raised in Austin Texas. After watching Royce Gracie at UFC 1, the thought of training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was only a fantasy that he thought could never come to fruition. One day, he finally made the decision to stop day dreaming, begin his BJJ journey, and has never looked back. After trying other gyms he finally landed at John’s Gym, which he feels is an extension of his family. Fast forward three years later after he took that first step...

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Darrin Lillian
Adult Jiu Jitsu Coach

What separates Darrin from other BJJ instructors is his ability to make brand new students feel comfortable while satisfying higher belt levels need for more advanced techniques, all in one class. Darrin started training in Jiu Jitsu in 1996 receiving his Black Belt from Travis Tooke in November 2009. Darrin has been running his own program, Infinite BJJ, in Austin since 2005 then becoming the Head Jiu Jitsu instructor at Paragon Austin, before settling in at John's...

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Maritza Dudenhoeffer
FitSmart Coach

Laura Hoffman
Member Specialist

Monica Boone
FitSmart Coach

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