Free Veterans Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) at John's Gym

Let me start this off by saying, "Thank You."

Thank you for your service and thank you for keeping us safe. Now we'd like to offer you something.

John's Gym is offering FREE Mixed Martial Arts classes for Veterans
2 Times a week:

Tuesday night at 6pm
Thursday night at 6pm

Got Some Questions About The Free Veterans MMA ?
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This isn't just for people without a membership at a gym,
it's for every Veteran.

If you train at another gym and simply want to enjoy
the camaraderie of your fellow veterans and enjoy MMA 
like we do, then come and train for FREE aswell.

There's no membership to join,
there's no contract to sign... simply show up and you train,

100% FREE Forever, For You.

Classes will be structured and organized by our head MMA
that teach or train at John's Gym. It's an open, welcoming
environment for all schools and all affiliations

These free class are a time for you to get back into training,
or try it for the very 1st time, aswell as enjoy the camaraderie of
your fellow veterans and those that appreciate you.

We hope you'll take us up on this offer and
invite your friends to join you too.

For any questions, feel free to contact us at 512-547-6739

See you there!

John Ramseier

P.S. If you have a quick question you can call/text us at 512-436-0675
or enter your info below and she will contact you

Got Some Questions About The Free MMA?
Fill out the form below. We're here to help.

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