John's Gym Affiliate Jiu Jitsu Team Crushes It Again

John’s Gym Affiliate Jiu Jitsu Team Crushes It Again

It's amazing to see the growth of our Jiu Jitsu Association and to see our teammates competing in 3 different tournaments in 3 different cities, all on the same day.

What's even more exciting is we had a few first timers getting out there on the mats and laying it on the line.

Win or Lose we celebrate the accomplishments of our teammates getting out there and competing.

Here are the results:
Capital City Grappling Championship
Brayden Gi Gold/NoGi Gold
Evan Gi Silver
Sarah Gi Gold/NoGi Silver
Jenna NoGi Gold
Phillip Gi Silver/ NoGi Silver
Victor NoGi Silver
Malice Gi Silver
Silas Gi Gold/NoGi Gold

NAGA Dallas
Coach Travis 2nd Place NoGi Expert
Christopher Colvin Silver Gi, Bronze NoGi
Colton Colvin Double Gold Gi/NoGi
Chris Apgar Gold NoGi

Zurich International IBJJF Championship
Coach John Silver Gi, Bronze Absolute
Coach Jasmine Gi Silver

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