John's Gym Jiu Jitsu Affiliation 2017 NAGA Austin Results

John’s Gym Jiu Jitsu Affiliation 2017 NAGA Austin Results

John's Gym Jiu Jitsu Affiliation had a great showing at the 2017 NAGA Austin. This was our biggest showing yet from our 3 locations John's Gym Austin, John's Gym Temple, and Georgetown Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and we're just getting started.
We had Several NAGA Belt Winners and Several Double Gold Winners (Gi and NoGi). 

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Results and Pictures Below - I apologize in advance if I missed anyone, there were alot of winners to keep track of

Kids NAGA Austin 2017 Results:
Corbin NoGi Gold/Gi Gold (Belt Winner & Double Gold)
Philip Gold Gi/NoGi Silver (Belt Winner)
Jenna NoGi Gold/Gi Gold (Double Gold)
Ian NoGi Gold/Gi Gold (Double Gold)
John F. Gi Gold/NoGi Gold (Double Gold)
Sara NoGi Silver/Gi Silver
Brayden NoGi bronze/Gi Bronze
Truitt NoGi Silver&Bronze/Gi Silver
Evan NoGi Gold/NoGi Silver X2
Eric NoGi Silver/Gi Silver
Silas NoGi Silver/Gi Silver
Dwayne NoGi Gold/Gi Bronze
Mackenzie - NoGi Silver/Gi Gold
Katie Firmin- NoGi Silver
Ethan NoGi Silver

Adults NAGA Austin 2017 Results
Travis - Expert NoGi Gold (Belt Winner)
Chris- Expert Adult Gold/NoGi Silver Master (Belt Winner)
Chase NoGi Gold (Belt Winner)
Kevin NoGi Gold/Gi Gold (Double Gold)
Stephan NoGi Gold/Gi Gold (Double Gold)
Andy NoGi Gold/Gii Gold (Double Gold)
Coltron - NoGi Gold
Chuck NoGi Gold&Silver/Gi Silver
Justin- NoGi Intermediate Gold
Troy- Gi Gold
Matt- NoGi Silver
Noah- NoGi Silver
Aaron Gi Gold/NoGi Silver
Adam Gi Silver/NoGi Silver
Alex Gi Silver
Chad Gi Bronze

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