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We couldn’t be more proud of ourthat went down to San Antonio and competed in the 2014 MatShark San Antonio Open. Everyone of our members that went down there and competed brought back a medal.

Here’s the breakdown of the team that went down and competed in the MatShark Jiu Jitsu tournament:

Christian Paul – silver in lightweight nogi intermediate

Matthew Gruesenmeyer – Bronze in both f170lb blue belt GI and intermediate nogi

Albert Villareal – Gold in Nogi

Chris – Silver NoGi and Bronze in purple belt Gi

Competition is a big leap from being a casual Jiu Jitsu player. It requires deeper focus and a different mindset.

A special congrats goes to Albert who entered his first tournament ever, it takes alot of courage, and hopefully he’ll decide to compete in a jiu jitsu tournament again.

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