NAGA, F2W Pro Jiu Jitsu, and BOH results - it was a wild weekend

NAGA, F2W Pro Jiu Jitsu, and BOH results – it was a wild weekend

What can you say about a team that takes 17 competitors to a Jiu Jitsu tournament and all but 4 win Gold in either Gi or NoGi? Amazing.

Lead by our kids Jiu Jitsu program, it was awesome to see them compete and rise to the occasion. Not only did nearly every child win a Gold, some won more than 1, here are the results:

John F. - 3 Golds
Samuel - 3 Golds
Maliece - 2 Golds
Jacob - 2 Golds
Eric - 2 Golds
Danny - Gold Gi
Corbin - Gold Gi, Silver NoGi
Brayden - Gold Gi, Bronze NoGi
Maddox - Gold NoGi, Silver Gi
Victor - Gold Gi, Bronze NoGi
Owen - Gold Gi
Awry - Gold Gi, Bronze NoGi
David - Silver
Philip - Silver NoGi, Bronze Gi
Caleb - Silver Gi, Bronze NoGi
E-Con - Silver Gi, Silver NoGi

Michael - Gold NoGi, Silver Gi

Later that night Kobe Amador of John's Gym Temple put it on the line in Colorado for the Muscle Pharm Submit Cancer Pro Jiu Jitsu event with the likes of Lyoto Machida, Jake Shields, and Buchecha on the charity card. Unfortunately, Kobe lost his match, but we are proud of him for stepping up and taking this fight with short notice and traveling to compete and represent. 

On the same night, Emo's in Austin held Belts of Honorious MMA Event and our very own Emily Ruggieri (1-0) faced her stiffest competition in a seasoned amateur 6-0 fighter. It was a great fight, 3 full rounds of striking before it went to the judges. This time it wasn't Emily's night as the judges awarded the decision to her opponent. We are still and always will be extremely proud of Emily and her accomplishments, and we continue to support her as she gets ready for her next potential fight Oct 8th. 

We have such a great group of people that train at John's Gym, from those that just want a different way to work out and lose weight while having fun to those that want to compete and test their limits.

We have a program for you. Come check out our vibe. 

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