What an amazing day we had with our Kids Jiu Jitsu team at the NAGA San Antonio Jiu Jitsu tournament.

Our John’s Gym/Georgetown Jiu Jitsu family took 7 kids to San Antonio and here are results:
1. Philip Gold Advanced Gi
2. Brayden Gold Intermediate Gi, Silver NoGi
3. Nicholas 2 Golds, and 2 silvers – he had alot of matches lol
4. Samuel Gold Beginner Gi, Silver Beginner NoGi
5. Maliece Gold Beginner Gi
6. Victor Gold NoGi, Bronze Beginner Gi
7. Danny Silver Expert Gi

Shout out to the parents who woke up early, or left the day before, so that their kids could compete and have fun with their teammates. We have a great group of quality kids who train here!

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Here’s Victor with his sword after winning Gold:
NAGA Jiu Jitsu Results

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