1. Are you planning on competing in any major tournaments in the future? I love to compete, so major and smaller events are always on my schedule. The only problem for me now iscollege, but once that is done I will compete in as many events as possible!
  2. Your father is one of the founders of the winningest team in BJJ, Alliance Jiu Jitsu. How was it growing up in BJJ royalty? What has it been like to see the rise of so many amazing BJJ athletes that have come into your dads academy and gone on to be superstars? I never thought about it from this angle, BJJ royalty…hahaha! Nice name. It’s a martial art and sport, so like in any other martial arts or sports you always should attend to learning more. It doesn’t matter if it’s from a white belt or “BJJ royalty”.
  3. You won the worlds Brown Belt in 2012, what other major tournaments have you won? I won the worlds brown belt in 2012 along with the Brazilian Nationals Gi and No-Gi, I think this was the top titles in 2012.
  4. What is your daily routine like? My routine is divided with training and college, so I’m just able to train when I don’t have college, 7-9AM, 11:30AM (conditioning), 1-3PM (team’s class), 4-5:30PM) and college 6:30-11PM.
  5. Was your dad always by your side helping with your BJJ or were there other mentors you looked up to for advice and guidance in your bjj career? My father is always present in my day, whether on the mats or in my life, I also have for this matter Rodrigo Thiago de Souza, Alexandre Puga and Terere. Many others have helped me in developing what my game is today, but these have had the most impact.
  6. How would you best describe your BJJ style? In development…hahaha!
  7. What positions / techniques do you feel the strongest in? Rodrigo Thiago de Souza’s half guard passing and slicing the knee pass.
  8. What’s your thoughts on the big debate between winning on points vs submissions? A win is always a win, this is the main rule.
  9. What advice can you give to the new BJJ student just starting out? Never stop!
  10. what are your future plans for yourself and Jiu Jitsu? My future plans… I honestly don’t know, but one thing is clear, Jiu-Jitsu will always be in it.

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